Cafee and Bakery

Café & Bakery, Licensed

Listing ID: : AM180528

Price: $1,160,900

  • Location : Edmonton, AB
  • Industry : Restaurants, Licensed


Business Profile

  • Type of Sale : Asset Purchase
  • Inclusions : Furniture, fixtures, equipment, goodwill, other intangible assets including website, trade-name, developed social media following
  • Down Payment : $ 450,000.00
  • Vendor Financing : Considered
  • Reason for Sale : Primary shareholder retiring
  • Support and Training : Training and orientation provided

Financial Summary



Year: 2018 (Estimate) 1,219,100 205,239 325,239
Year: 2017 1,027,000 366,900 303,900
Year: 2016 844,700 257,700 197,700
Year: 2015 753,800 205,400 150,400


  • Year Established : 2006
  • # of Employees:  18+

Business Highlights

  • Well established and located in a sought-after district in Edmonton
  • In-house scratch bakery and comfort food menu offerings.
  • Continued high revenue upward trend through economic downturn
  • Featured on the Food Network Show, recognized in Vue Weekly and other media
  • Upgraded Revel POS system for financial tracking and wage cost control
  • Production facility set up to support additional locations and catering
  • Business set up as a turn-key for ease of operation and transition

Business Premises and Location

  • Situated in a highly sought-after location and food and beverage district.
Fish and Chip Restaurant


Listing ID: : JU170417

Best offer over $120,000

About This Business

This concept began in 1985 and after establishing success began franchising in 1992.

A streamlined menu developed for quality, flavor and speed of service offers time tested fresh hand battered fish & chips perfected over 30 years ago. Seafood tacos, natural cut fries and urban poutines, calamari and shrimp snacks round out a menu developed for ease of operation and customers on the go.

  • Location : Sherwood Park, AB
  • Industry : Quick Service Restaurant – Specialty Menu


Business Profile

  • Type of Sale : Asset
  • Inclusions : Equipment, Fixtures, Franchise fees, Goodwill
  • Down Payment : To be discussed with broker
  • Vendor Financing : No
  • Reason for Sale : Owner has health concerns
  • Support and Training : Franchisor will train

Financial Summary

Revenue SDE
Year: 2017 390,506 26,700
Year: 2016 425,355 79,200
Year: 2015 458,165 82,600
Year: 2014 451,706 116,800
Year: 2013 447,628 98,000


  • Year Established : 2012
  • # of Employees:  2FT, 6 PT

Business Highlights

  • QSR model developed from the franchise’s fast casual concept
  • Quick–fresh niche market menu selection
  • High ranking food court location
  • Well run, established business
  • A proven franchise model established over 25 years ago serving up the signature Fish & Chips and urban menu in over 65 locations in Canada.

Business Premises and Location

  • TBA


Listing ID: : RHB181015

Discussed following pre-franchisor approval

Business Opportunity

Two of several locations operated by an investment group is available for Managing Partners or an experienced restaurant operating group to invest or acquire. Each location requires a managing partner with vested interest.

There are more than 40 mid-scale, casual dining franchised restaurants of this brand in western Canada. This is concept is designed for a suburban and small-town market where friends and family meet and socialize sharing great food and beverages.

  • Location : Saskatchewan
  • Industry : Restaurants, Full Service


Business Profile

  • Business Structure : Corporation
  • Type of Sale : Asset Purchase
  • Inclusions : Leaseholds, furniture and equipment, signs, computers and software, small wares, goodwill and general intangibles
  • Down Payment : Minimum 30 – 40%
  • Vendor Financing : Negotiable
  • Support and Training : Teams and team leaders in place, Franchise support and training

Financial Summary

Location #1:

Year ending 2018 2017 2016 2015
Revenues  $2,573,427  $2,735,999  $2,835,942  $2,898,265


Location #2:

Year ending 2018 2017 2016 2015
Revenues $1,827,195  $1,961,731  $2,643,802  $1,657,117


  • Year Established : 2012 and 2014
  • # of Employees : Location #1 – 32 | Location #2 : 42

Business Highlights

  • Both locations achieved above average revenues in 2nd year of operations
  • Niche market mid-scale casual dining
  • High energy, personalized service
  • Community brand awareness
  • Active social media presence
  • Brand identity established with long history
  • Affordable menu choices and home-branded beer and wines

Business Premises and Location

  • Both locations are under land lease agreements for 25 years
    Location #1 is a free standing building of 5398 square feet in a 550,000 square feet shopping centre and retail destination for the area.
  • Location #2 is a free standing building of 5285 square feet located in a new development adjacent to a 264,000 square feet regional shopping centre and retail destination for the area.

Non-Medical Care Opportunity / Senior Care Franchise

Listing ID: : SP181001

Offered Price :
Discussed during the selection process

Business Opportunity

This Company began in 2008 when a professional business couple purchased an existing Edmonton franchise and later added a second. Seeking to transition from their extinguished careers, one as an Area Marketing and Sales Manager, the other an Executive Banking professional, their compassionate and community-minded attributes steered them in the direction of a much-needed area of accompaniment and transportation service for seniors and persons with disabilities.

  • Location : Edmonton
  • Industry : Personal Care Non-Medical
  • Established : 2008


Business Profile

  • Business Structure : Corporation
  • Structure : Share purchase
  • Type of Sale : Franchise
  • Inclusions : 3 SUVs, Wheelchair Accessible Van, Goodwill, Other Intangible Assets, Client list, Non-compete
  • Down Payment : Minimum 50%
  • Offered Price : Discussed during the selection process
  • Support and Training : Owner supported transition
  • Documents for Review:  Corporate Business Profile, Financial Statements, Asset List, Lease Agreement, Equipment Agreements
  • Team Members : 6

Business Highlights

  • Two well-established turn-key franchise operations on the cusp of immediate expansion
  • Under developed growth with immediate opportunity to add to a modest fleet to serve the greater Edmonton region with wheelchair vans
  • Approved transport provider for Capital Care Group, Covenant Health and Elder Care program of a Seniors Activity Centre.
  • Approved transport for surgery patients of the Royal Alexandra, Misericordia and U. of A. Hospitals, and Women’s Health Options
  • Transportation program contracted by government agencies
  • Undeveloped services for children from pre-kindergarten to older students attending schools outside bussing routes.
  • Current owner seeking a high-energy individual or couple as an operating partner(s) to seamlessly transition her into retirement.

Serving the Community

  • Companionship
  • Assistance & Accompaniment
  • Special Needs
  • Transportation including airport

Luxury Brand Auto Repairs

Listing ID: : GL181003

Offered Price :

Business Opportunity

This Company was established in 1988 and handles maintenance and repairs on a line of high-end European automobiles. The Company has a proven history of profitability regardless of economic conditions. Over 90% of clients are repeat customers. Owners are actively working on succession planning and have decided to offer the business for sale.

  • Location : Edmonton
  • Industry : Auto Repair Services
  • Established : 1988

Financial Summary

Year ending Feb 28 2018 2017 2016 2015
Revenues $1,035,700  $921,900  $1,057,360  $1,093,550
SDE  $  286,827  $  345,449  $  412,368  $  373,019

Business Profile

  • Business Structure : Corporation
  • Business Format : Independent
  • Real Estate : Leased / 5535 Square Feet Maintenance Shop
  • Inclusions : Net operating assets, equipment, tools, materials, client list, goodwill and intangible assets, inventory
  • Down Payment : Minimum 60% cash required
  • Terms : Asking price assumes an asset transaction on a debt-free, cash-free basis
  • Offered Price : $1,100,000
  • Support and Training : Owner supported transition
  • Documents for Review: Confidential Business Profile, Financial Statements, Asset List Lease Agreement.
  • Employees : 5

Business Highlights

  • Revenues for FYE February 28,2019 is estimated at $1,100,000+
  •  Established as a top aftermarket warranty maintenance and repair service over 30 years
  •  Loyal customer database with more than 90% repeat business
  •  Company uses special scanners designed specifically for this line of automobiles
  •  Company has undertaken a robust online digital marketing strategy including Facebook, Instagram and Google Search
  •  Owners have initiated their succession plan by hiring a Service Manager to facilitate transfer of ownership
  • Designated service center for numerous dealers

Leeson Associates Inc. prepared included overviews with information supplied by the Seller and the Seller’s Disclosure Statement. No attempt was made to independently verify these representations or to make any expressed or implied warranties. During the due diligence process, it is the responsibility of the Buyer, with the aid of their advisors to independently verify all representations which have been made.