Successful, profitable businesses need viable strategies to grow, transition and exit, while underperforming businesses need solutions to add key managers, resources and strategies to optimize and grow further while you plan to exit.

Our approach is not just transactional. We work with you to identify your requirements to exit.

For growth and developmental strategies, we collaborate with advisors who specialize in providing solutions according to the need.

Your business may be an important addition for a buyer interested in growing their existing business through merger or acquisition to increase market share or to exclude competition.

How We Help You Sell A Business?

Managing and operating your business is a daily challenge. Preparing your business for sale, maintaining confidentiality, qualifying potential buyers and negotiating directly are a few of many potential obstacles in the way of a successful sale.

As your business broker/intermediary, we coordinate the process to allow you to continue operating your business with minimal concern or interruption, while we take care of the transaction details.

We invite you to a confidential consultation with no obligation.

Lower Middle Market Companies

Leeson Associates works with Canalta Business Brokers to represent sellers and buyers of Lower Middle Market Companies with EBITDA greater than $500,000. (Industrial Sales & Service, Distribution, Manufacturing and Oilfield Services).

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Selling Your Business – Exit Now

You are looking to exit from your business for immediate reasons such as health or illness or you have planned to exit now.

If you are looking to sell your business in less than one year, we help you with the planning and the process to market your business considering the following:

 Exit Now Considerations


  • Review your company’s financial and business operations
  • Prepare a broker’s report determining fair market value and terms of sale
  • Prepare an Overview of the business which attracts buyer interest and call to action
  • Prepare a confidential business profile for qualified buyers to assess and review business
  • Develop a marketing strategy

Selling Your Business – Transition Planning

Planning your exit to ease in your replacement manager or owner may require an exit planning professional depending on the situation.

Our proposals are without obligation and the structuring for a smooth transition will be guided by a collaborative associate who works with you to understand and prepare your transition strategy.

If you are uncertain when to sell, or if the time, key management personnel or resources are undecided, we can support you through this process. After our initial no obligation confidential consultation we will propose transition planning options:

  • Post with our Opportunities network if you have a plan and require personnel (free service)
  • Referral to advisory partners (free service and no obligation)
  • Assist you to identify and pre-qualify personnel based on criteria prepared with you (fee for service)

Our Fees For Selling A Business

We charge a commitment fee for our marketing services and opinion of value report. This retainer fee generally starts at $3,000.

The success fee due upon the sale of your business depends on the level of complexity and work required to sell your business. A proposal explaining the process and our fees is provided free of charge prior to signing an agreement.

Notification list

We have a list of potential buyers looking for a business like yours. To locate a match we gather information from you which will attract an inquiry. Confidentially meet with us to determine requirements.

Selling Process

Once we know your primary reasons for selling the business and we have a business profile created from the information you provide, we will determine a broker’s opinion of market value.

A broker’s opinion of market value (BOMV) takes into consideration accepted valuation approaches, your experience, knowledge, established goodwill of the business and market conditions.

We prepare an assessment of your business with financial, operational, marketing, people resources, technology and other important information from you which establishes value.

We understand the importance of confidentiality to maintain relationships with management, employees, vendors, competitors and customers. We have procedures to effectively screen and select potential buyers.

Services We Provide:

  • Valuing the Business
  • Documentation and Review
  • Marketing the Business
  • Qualifying Potential Buyers
  • Presentation and Negotiating
  • Preparing the Offer
  • Conducting Due Diligence
  • Assisting with Financing
  • Transaction Closing

(details of the above services are provided with our complimentary proposal)

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You have successfully grown your primary business and have demonstrated year-over-year revenue, measurable growth and optimum profitability.

Your business demonstrates signs of scalability and you would like to objectively assess this to determine next steps.

You are strategizing to grow the company by merger or acquisition and not through organic growth.

We provide access to collaborative advisory specialists to assist your company to optimize by developing business processes, streamlining operations and correcting inefficiencies.

We can assist you to validate your strategies or help you to identify targets, approach them confidentially, work with you to structure suitable terms and negotiate the acquisition.

Advisory Search

Often, businesses are hidden or unlisted due to confidentiality or other reasons. We can help you find a business which may be inaccessible because the seller wants to qualify your interest confidentially and anonymously.

Our Advisory Search option is a fee based, full service, focused search for unlisted businesses. Our focused buyer program assists individuals or companies who have specific criteria for the acquiring first time, add-on to grow a company or merge smaller businesses to accelerate their growth.

Contact us for a no obligation confidential consultation.

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Growth Strategies

Your company is nearing the second stage of business growth after several years of measurable performance and standardization of procedures.

You require a specialist to guide you with your innovative ideas and to further develop best practices, strengthen organizational and economic culture and to validate your strategic growth perspectives.

We work with you to connect with our collaborative advisors who specialize in your industry.

Our Fees For Advisory Services

More typically, Sellers retain a business broker and pays their fees upon a successful sale.

In our fee based Advisory Search program you are our client and we act on your behalf.

Our retainer fee for this service vary depending on your requirements. A non-refundable commitment fee for services starts at $3,000, and this is credited towards the successful closing of a transaction.

Owners of unlisted businesses may be very viable businesses. Their three main concerns are: uncertainty with buyer ability to complete an acquisition, confidentiality and negotiation. Leeson Associates opens the door to the buying transaction by representing you as your intermediary.


Buying a business is an important financial commitment. For the first-time buyer we have a process to guide you through challenging issues and meet your goals for owning a business.

Investors, private equity groups and growing corporations:
Acquiring a profitable, well established primary stage business may be your consideration for market penetration, minimize competition or for other strategic reasons.

We bridge the gap between established, strategic growth acquisition individuals or companies to meet the primary stage business owner who may be selling their first and only business or is looking for a positive transfer experience of their most important assets – the relationships of trusted employees who brought them success.

Business Listings

Businesses listed resulted from a selling process of gathering detailed information, preparing a broker’s opinion of market value and a confidential business profile (CBP).

We respect the confidentiality of the seller and prospective buyer and to obtain the CBP, a qualified buyer is required to submit a signed confidential non disclosure form after an initial inquiry.

Lower Middle Market Companies

Leeson Associates works with Canalta Business Brokers to represent sellers and buyers of Lower Middle Market Companies with EBITDA greater than $500,000. (Industrial Sales & Service, Distribution, Manufacturing and Oilfield Services).

How We Help You Buy A Business

A good first step to help us respond to your inquiry is to complete a Buyer Profile after our no obligation initial consultation.

Register for free to be on our notification list. Make an appointment now.

Information regarding your requirements are necessary to successfully match you with a business opportunity.

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Buying Process

Leeson Associates collaborates with participating brokers, advisors and other professionals to provide services to individuals and buyer-groups who need access to sellers and a broker/intermediary to assist in the buying process including the all important negotiation steps.

We ask the questions regarding management, business metrics, financial statements, marketing and operational procedures to provide you with necessary information to make an informed decision.

We work with you to assess Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE) or EBITDA, whichever is applicable, in determining going concern value.

The Seller and Buyer are usually on the opposite ends of the asking price and we perform a needed role to ensure the best chance for successful negotiations as your intermediary.

We provide you with the opportunity for making an informed decision by focusing on the necessary rational steps, while we filter out the emotions which often effect negotiations.

Services We Provide:

  • Prepare an acquisition worksheet with you to define your goals for the business desired
  • Source out through databases, selecting suitable criteria
  • Screen the businesses available but often unlisted, that matches your needs
  • Regular reports on the status of our search
  • Review valuation and purchase strategies
  • Evaluate fair market value considerations based on industry data
  • Assist with negotiating
  • Prepare the Offer to Purchase
  • Review financing considerations including vendor financing
  • Prepare and assist with a due diligence checklist
  • Guide a successful closing and transfer of ownership
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Leeson Associates Inc

About Your Intermediary

Leeson Associates Inc specializes in assisting you to buy or sell a business and collaborate with advisory specialists and other professionals to assist business transition and growth strategies.

Our solution includes cooperation with other broker/intermediaries to successfully complete the buy-sell-transition process.

Ken Leeson is an entrepreneur, former franchisee and corporate franchise manager. He has developed, owned and operated independent and franchise businesses. The outcome of these experiences led Ken to specializing in helping others to buy and sell businesses. Ken has forged relationships with advisory specialists to assist business owners with transition and growth strategies and eventually with their exit plans.

Ken spent several years with the Business Development Bank of Canada, Consulting Division advising clients on optimizing operations and maximizing business value. Realizing that this gap existed particularly with Main Street businesses, Ken established a firm in 2011 assisting business owners to transfer, exit or acquire businesses for growth and expansion.

Ken continues to specialize in Main Street businesses while joining Canalta Business Brokers as Senior Associate in January 2017 after a partner retired.

Working With Your Intermediary

We go beyond ‘off-the-shelf’ transactions, focusing on identifying the client’s specific buying and selling needs and then matching these needs to required services.

Most importantly, we allow the sell-side owner to continue managing their business profitably without concern or interruption while the details of the transaction are being carried out seamlessly.

For the buy-side client, we manage the buying process to the eventual pivotal point when price is discussed, negotiated and presented to the exiting owner.

In both selling and buying, many factors influence price and often the terms and conditions are what cements the transaction.


Our approach is personalized and collaborative, integrating business services from start-up to exit. Resources and specialists are vital to the success of mergers, acquisitions and divestitures of enterprises with complexities exceeding “Mainstreet” transactions. We have cultivated relationships with M&A professionals equipped with the experience and expertise to navigate the complexities in transferring ownership of mid-market enterprises .

Leeson Associates Inc.
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