Cafee and Bakery

Café & Bakery, Licensed

Listing ID: : AM180528

Price: $1,160,900

  • Business Intermediary: Ken Leeson
  • Business Name and Location: Edmonton – Alberta
  • Business Type: Restaurants, Licensed


  • Type of Sale: Asset Purchase
  • Inclusions: Furniture, fixtures, equipment, goodwill, other intangible assets including
    website, trade-name, developed social media following
  • Ownership: Independent, non-franchised ownership
  • Owner support and training: Training and orientation provided
  • Down Payment: $ 450,000.00
  • Vendor Financing: Considered
  • Reason for sale: Primary shareholder retiring

Financial Summary

  • Year (FYE): 2018 (Estimate):  Revenue: 1,219,100 EBITDA: $205,239, SDE:  $325,239
  • Year (FYE): 2017: Revenue: $1,027,000, EBITDA: $366,900, SDE: $303,900
  • Year (FYE): 2016: Revenue: $844,700, EBITDA: $257,700 SDE: $197,700
  • Year (FYE): 2015: Revenue: $753,800, EBITDA: $205,400, SDE: $150,400


  • Year Established: 2006
  • # of Employees:  18+
  • Documents Available For Review: (upon financial qualification) Corporate Business Profile, Financial Statement Summary, Asset List

Business Highlights

  • Well established and located in a sought-after district in Edmonton
  • In-house scratch bakery and comfort food menu offerings.
  • Continued high revenue upward trend through economic downturn
  • Featured on the Food Network Show, recognized in Vue Weekly and other media
  • Upgraded Revel POS system for financial tracking and wage cost control
  • Production facility set up to support additional locations and catering
  • Business set up as a turn-key for ease of operation and transition

Business Premises and Location

Situated in a highly sought-after location and food and beverage district.


Listing ID: : SE171020

Price: 1,200,000

  • Business Intermediary: Ken Leeson
  • Business Name and Location: Edmonton – Alberta
  • Business Type: Electrical Contractor


  • Type of Sale: Asset Purchase
  • Inclusions: Operational Equipment and Tools, Goodwill, Other Intangibles.
  • Down Payment : Minimum Considered $ 500, 000.00

Financial Summary

  • Year (FYE): 2016: Revenue: $949,640,  EBITDA: $205,239, SDE:  $325,239
  • Year (FYE): 2015: Revenue: $2,115108, EBITDA: $565,165, SDE: $685,165
  • Year (FYE): 2014: Revenue: $809,581, EBITDA: $123,811, SDE: $243,811
  • Year (FYE): 2013: Revenue: $1,031,621, EBITDA: $177,420, SDE: $297,400


  • Year Established: 2002
  • # of Employees:  3 FT, 1 PT
  • Documents Available For Review: Confidential Business Profile, Financial Statements, Asset List, Lease Agreement, Equipment Agreements.

Business Highlights

  • Established profitable, electrical maintenance contractor for over 25 years.
  • Provide full electrical services including commercial, maintenance, data/telecom and many additional services to meet customer requirements.
  • Earnings (SDE) consistently above 30%.
  • Stable and predictable cash flow due to maintenance focus.
  • The company maintains its goal to manage steady revenue of high margin business with small crew.
  • Recurring, long term customers.
  • Membership and certifications in ISNetworld, Avetta and Comply Works puts the company in good standing with long standing customers.
  • Certificate of Recognition (COR) certified.
  • Exceptional financial management and controls.
  • Business is not location dependent.
Fish and Chip Restaurant


Listing ID: : JU170417

Best offer over $120,000

About This Business

This concept began in 1985 and after establishing success began franchising in 1992.

A streamlined menu developed for quality, flavor and speed of service offers time tested fresh hand battered fish & chips perfected over 30 years ago. Seafood tacos, natural cut fries and urban poutines, calamari and shrimp snacks round out a menu developed for ease of operation and customers on the go.

  • Business Intermediary: Ken Leeson
  • Business Name and Location: Sherwood Park – Alberta
  • Business Type: Quick Service Restaurant – Specialty Menu

Features of This Business

  • QSR model developed from the franchise’s fast casual concept
  • Quick–fresh niche market menu selection
  • High ranking food court location
  • Well run, established business

A proven franchise model established over 25 years ago serving up the signature Fish & Chips and urban menu in over 65 locations in Canada.

Franchised:: YES
Lease: To be discussed with broker
Owner Support/Training: Franchisor will train
Reason for Sale: Owner has health concerns


  • Type of Sale: Asset
  • Inclusions:Equipment, Fixtures, Franchise fees, Goodwill
  • Vendor Financing : NO

Financial Snapshot

  • Year (FYE): 2016: Revenue: $431,300, SDE:  $79,200
  • Year (FYE): 2015: Revenue: $459,900, SDE:  $82,600
  • Year (FYE): 2014: Revenue: $456,700, SDE:  $116,800
  • Year (FYE): 2013: Revenue: $453,300, SDE:  $98,000


  • Year Established : 2012
  • # of Employees: 2FT, 6PT
  • Documents Available For Review (Subject to Offer): Confidential Business Profile, Financial Statements, Asset List, Lease Agreement, Equipment Agreements

Leeson Associates Inc. prepared included overviews with information supplied by the Seller and the Seller’s Disclosure Statement. No attempt was made to independently verify these representations or to make any expressed or implied warranties. During the due diligence process, it is the responsibility of the Buyer, with the aid of their advisors to independently verify all representations which have been made.